JavaFX on Android

Two important trends in the IT industry can’t be ignored:

  1. mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) are getting more popular than laptops/desktops
  2. on mobile devices, the usage of “native apps” outnumbers the usage of web browsers

Combining these two trends leads to the conclusion that developing native apps is an interesting business. The two leading platforms in application development are Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. The differences in those platforms require developers to write client applications in at least 2 flavours. Or even 3, if they also need a desktop version.

With JavaFX, which is the Java Client platform, it is now possible to use a single language and deploy your application on desktop, android and ios appstores.

Oracle maintains the JavaFX platform on desktop systems, and the Java Community maintains the JavaFX platforms on mobile systems. LodgON is heavily investing in porting and maintaining JavaFX on the Android platform. More information is available at http://javafxports.orgFor these efforts, we received a Duke’s Choice Award at JavaOne 2014.