Internet of Things

The world of embedded and connected devices has always fascinated us. Until recently, entering this world was not very attractive as it often required a dedicated approach for a specific device. Good enough, standardization efforts have lead to a number of globally accepted protocols, reducing the development cost. Also, the Java Platform has become more suited for embedded devices, and it is now possible to run Java applications on the most popular embedded platforms.

Running Java applications on these devices has the great benefit that the same language and concepts that are used on backend servers can now also be used on the resource-constrained embedded devices.

Apart from running applications on devices, it is also important to manage the devices, the applications that run on top of them and the users that use them.

We are working on server-side software for the management of embedded devices, and we are using this internally for some projects.


UitPAS kiosk



See also a blog post describing the complete setup:


Remote management tool