Glassfish Support

We started using the GlassFish Application Server since it was announced as an Open-Source project at JavaOne 2005.

Most of our internal research is done using GlassFish, as it is the reference implementation for the Java Enterprise Specifications. As a consequence, our engineers are very familiar with the GlassFish code. If you are a GlassFish user looking for commercial support, we can help you with the following:

We provide GlassFish support on a time-and-materials basis, optionally including a Service Level Agreement to guarantee availability and response times.

A typical scenario for a support case could be:
  1. You open a ticket in our ticketing system providing us a way to reproduce the problem
  2. We look into the issue and propose a solution and an estimated fix-date
  3. We fix the issue and report back to you
  4. We commit the issue back to the GlassFish Open Source Edition
  5. We provide you a new build including the fix. (or several fixes)

Contact us at for more information and pricing.