DaliCore: bringing User-Generated Content into Java Enterprise.

To accomplish a broad range of features we use DaliCore. DaliCore is our open-source framework that is built on top of Java Enterprise Edition. It adds functionality that makes it easy to manage “social” resources, i.e. users, groups, communities, permissions, content, comments, and media.

DaliCore leverages the power of the Java Enterprise 6 platform (scalability, security, persistence, transaction support, messaging,...) in order to deliver a flexible framework that offers functionality that is needed in any social networking project/product.

The heart of the DaliCore platform consists of a set of APIs that form the building blocks for your application (a Java/JSP, PHP, JavaFX, mobile, ... client). This approach makes it possible for your application to focus on the workflow and business logic rather than worry about enterprise functionality such as scalability, data storage, transactional behavior.

In short, DaliCore provides an easy way to manage:

‣ Users
‣ Groups
‣ Permissions
‣ Content
‣ Links between the above mentioned entities

DaliCore based products

Why use DaliCore

‣ REDUCE development time --> map your social functionality to DaliCore API calls
‣ REUSE our performant and tested code instead of writing the same code over and over again
‣ FOCUS on your business logic and application flow
‣ EASY: let DaliCore handle the -important- technical details
‣ CONTROL: deploy your own DaliCore instances or make use of our SaaS model
‣ REST: easy integration with any third-party software through the use of a REST-based API.

Why use Glassfish / Java EE

‣ Performance: handle 1000s of request per second
‣ Finetuning: highly configurable and adaptable to your application’s needs
‣ Database / persistence management: leverage world-class connection management and pooling
‣ Transaction management: manage your data consistency without trouble
‣ Scalability: add more instances if needed
‣ Security: make use of Java’s built-in security model

For more detailed information, you can consult the DaliCore project on java.net. You will find everything you need to know about our open-source DaliCore and feel free to download the source code.