development, deployment and GlassFish v3

Tonight, I was experimenting with GlassFish v3. I might add a report with some results later. Today, I ran into a document that contains one of the most important remarks about today's software development.

While deep diving into the GlassFish documentation, I was reading the V3OverviewFunctionalSpec document (someone must have stolen the whitespace), containing some motivations about the rather drastic changes between GlassFish v2 and GlassFish v3.

This document contains some sections that are typical for documents, and that are often only filled in because the process requires so. However, in this case, there is so much value in section 3.1. Problem Area:

The new landscape of server side Java is forcing us in being more open to external technologies than traditional Java EE stack. We have repeatedly heard calls that we needed to offer more choice of technologies as well as provide a slim infrastructure to build a dedicated stack that corresponds to a particular problem area.

We have started seeing a proliferation of scripting solutions coupled with web centric frameworks available on the Java Virtual Machine. However most of these solutions are very developer centric and very little effort has been spent on deployment features. This is a market opportunity for GlassFish to offer these deployment features while respecting the container's original development environment.


This is what I am observing as well. Most tools and efforts in software are still focused on the developer. Lots of effort has to be spent on deployment, and the difference between project success and failure is so often dependent on the deployment, rather than on the code.
In a project I am currently working on, focus is completely on deployment. Development will remain important, no doubt about this. But this GF-paper is another signal to me that things are changing... ~

written on 14 Jul 2008 21:55.

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