The Future of JavaOne

JavaOne 2009 is over. Many people have mixed feelings about this edition. There was excitement about what has been achieved with Java over the last year, and there was uncertainty about the future of Java.

Larry Ellison took away some of the uncertainty, by stating that Oracle is very committed to Java in general, and to JavaFX in particular. And also to OpenOffice and some Network Computer. That is a promising combination, and maybe a fulfillment of a dream from about 10 years ago.

That statement of the new boss of JavaOne was surprising to many people. Indeed, JavaFX appeared to be candidate number 1 for being killed by Oracle.
It adds to my personal believe that JavaFX is not just a scripting layer on top of Java. I wouldn't pay too much attention to it if that was the case. But rather, JavaFX is the gate towards the "Write Once, Run Anywhere" paradigm. And this time, "Anywhere" does not mean all PC's, but rather "all connected devices".
One of the main features of the JavaFX authoring tool is the multi-screen aspect. This was shown in a few keynotes, and it seems to be very important that developing an application for deployment on the Web and on a mobile platform -- and later on TV -- can be done in one stage.
I was a bit sceptic about JavaME about 2 years ago, because of device fragmentation, monopolistic views of carriers and a different way of programming than JavaSE. But lots of things have changed, and barriers have been broken up or at least lowered.

I think the future of Java is bright both in the Enterprise direction as well as in the low-end-device direction. But what about the future of JavaOne? This was definitely the last JavaOne organized by Sun Microsystems. There was no announcement about the next JavaOne. Typically, the date of the next JavaOne is announced at JavaOne itself. But this year, that area was reserved for a banner "Thank you for attending this year's JavaOne".
It seems unlikely that Oracle is stopping the JavaOne conference. Maybe they will change the name, merge it with another conference, or maybe they will completely change the concept. Lots of reasons probably prevent them from announcing anything now. But thousands of Java developers are already looking forward to the next Java Developer Conference.

written on 07 Jun 2009 00:05.

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