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Over the past years, we at LodgON have worked on DaliCore, adding the concepts of User, Content, Group and Permission on top of the Java EE standard. Early this year, we open-sourced DaliCore and the project is since maintained at We are now providing hosted access to DaliCore, using DaliCloud, which we recently opened in private beta.

In a previous blog entry, I discussed DaliCore. DaliCore builds on top of the Java EE specifications, and adds a number of concepts that are often encountered by developers of Social Networking applications -- e.g. users, content and the different relationships and permissions between users and content.

DaliCore is open-source, and is hosted at There are a number of options for developers who want to use DaliCore:

  • Create an own project, and include the dalicore-artifacts that are in the central maven repository
  • Check out the latest dalicore code, and start hacking with it

We are now adding a new option: hosted access to DaliCore.

DaliCore is a server-side component. It requires a Java EE container in order to run. There are a number of reasons for this. Two of the most important reasons are:

  • The Java EE standard contains a number of interesting tools that are very useful in this area, e.g. Persistence Management (JPA), transaction management, mail service, EJBs,...
  • Social Networks often require a static callback url that is called in the oauth authentication of users -- hence a REST endpoint needs to be available.

Bundling an application with DaliCore is relative easy, but for developers who don't want to setup a whole application server, configure and tune it, and create a bundled application, we now have DaliCloud.
DaliCloud provides a REST interface that maps to the EJB interface exposed by DaliCore. Developers can use their prefered (web) framework to communicate with this REST interface, and to build applications leveraging DaliCore without the need of installing a whole application server.

Technically, DaliCloud is a REST service that talks to a number of DaliCore instances, running on Glassfish 3.1.2 application servers on Amazon EC2. Apart from the administration interface, there is no additional functionality at the moment.
DaliCloud is in private beta from now on till the end of this year. There is nothing you can do with DaliCloud that you can't do with DaliCore, since it is using the exact same code that is in the open-source project on This way, we prevent a vendor lock into dalicloud. I very much encourage developers to use DaliCore, and to bundle it with their applications.
And for developers that don't want to be bothered with hosting, scaling, maintenance and upgrades, we now have DaliCloud.

Go ahead and test it, ask your keys at

DaliCore - DaliCloud Comparison

written on 18 Oct 2012 15:12.

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