Over-design and dependencies

I've read some discussions lately about over-design. I think it started with a rather funny post by Adam Bien, and it is currently a hot topic at JavaLobby.

Although I hardly ever participate in these discussions, it is good to have them. From time to time, we need to think about our methodologies, approaches, code, (anti-)patterns.

In general, I think there is some improvement. I see less and less code that is in my opinion over-designed. One of my favorite over-design criteria is a separate package for Exceptions, and using these Exceptions as control-flow logic. I almost immediately remove these projects from my hard disk, and I don't have to do this too often lately -- compared with some 5 years ago.

One of the comments on the article on JavaLobby confirms my issue number one (although it doesn't really belong in the category over-design):
10. Your project is going to end up with half of this planet's jar-files in tow.
I agree. I don't understand why a 50-line piece of code needs 50+ MB's external jar-files, that contains functionality that is mostly covered by the standard Java classes. The Java SE API's are very rich today, I really recommend using them instead of some legacy libraries that originated during the JDK 1.1 life.

written on 30 Jun 2008 12:22.

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