Last week, Poppunt launched the music community in Belgium. The project is created using LodgON's Dali software, running on top of GlassFish.

Although the functionality of Vibe (or can be compared with existing platforms as facebook and myspace, the project targets a rather specific group: everyone who has something to do with music in Belgium can register himself, create bands, invite members, become a fan, upload audio and video, vote for other bands, organizations, members,... the whole stuff.

The GlassFish Application Server (v2) and the DaliCMS framework provide a solid base for applications like During development and the first week of operations, we learned a lot about community development in Java. As we also expected, the integration of JSTL into existing HTML pages with tons of Javascript is the most difficult part. Working on the Java code itself was such a relief...
We are currently working on techniques that should help facilitating the more difficult HTML/javascript integration parts. Stay tuned.

If you live in Belgium and you are interested in (pop)music, make sure to visit Otherwise, make sure to visit and have a look at the features that can be useful in a number of other projects as well.

written on 08 Sep 2008 13:33.

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