Launching SyncSphere

Recently, we opened a beta-version of our SyncSphere community software. SyncSphere is built on top of DaliCommunity, which is built on top of DaliCMS . With SyncSphere, users can create their own community in a few steps.

When LodgON released DaliCMS a few years ago, it was positioned as a Web 2.0 ready Content Management System. Indeed, with DaliCMS, webmasters can integrate typical "Web 2.0 content" easily (e.g. Google Maps, Flickr photos....) . In order to create a community with DaliCMS, webmasters have to create HTML templates, CSS, javascript, and glue these together in templates. While this process works fine, and has proven to be profitable in a number of cases, there are other cases where users quickly want to get started with a community containing a set of modules.
They want the installation time of the community website to be as small as possible. With SyncSphere, LodgON allows webmasters to quickly create a community, and to customize it with standard-provided modules. As the need grows, webmasters can add new modules, or (re)configure existing modules.
This is why we created SyncSphere. SyncSphere communities are separate entities, and the administrators of a community can configure their community completely independent from other communities. They can choose which modules they require, where to position and how to configure them. It must be clear that the goal of SyncSphere is not to compete with public networks (e.g. facebook). SyncSphere is not one large community, it is about specific communities for specific organizations/groups/companies, controlled by the organizations/groups/companies themselves.

We are continuously adding and enhancing modules. At this moment, the following modules exist:

  • notifications
  • geofeed
  • poll
  • microblog
  • chat
  • pictures
  • rss
  • maps
  • activities
  • link sharing and rating
  • forum
  • news
  • blog
  • alfresco integration
  • members
  • events

Apart from these modules, the typical community functionality (e.g. add friends, send private messages,...) is included.

We created a demo-community at and encourage the reader to join this community. Or, in case you want to experiment with a new community, go ahead and create one at .

For the techies: SyncSphere runs on GlassFish v2.1 with MySQL.

written on 18 May 2009 11:37.

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