JavaOne keynote: Oracle embraces JavaFX

During yesterday's JavaOne keynote, Oracle CEO Larry Elisson made an expected guest appearance. Less expected was the fact that he showed a clear commitment towards JavaFX.

Pessimists expected that Oracle would only be interested in the server parts of Java, and thata JavaFX and other client technologies would be dropped soon after the acquisition. Surprise, surprise. Called on stage by Sun's former CEO and current chairman Scott McNealy, Larry Elisson clearly supported the current efforts in JavaFX.

I remember three main messages he gave the audience: JavaFX, OpenOffice and a Java Netbook.
The old idea of a Java Netbook is back. The technology is much more mature now than it was about 10 years ago, when the Java Netbook idea was around as well.

written on 03 Jun 2009 20:17.

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