JavaOne 2011, shaping the future

Tomorrow morning, I will be leaving for San Francisco. I didn't miss a single JavaOne since 1999, but it never gets boring.
I'm always very excited when I arrive at the conference venue. This year, my personal focus is on participation. Learning new things is very interesting, but the Java Community allows for more: as a community, we have a stake in shaping the future of the Java Platform.

I'm always looking forward to the keynotes. I don't expect huge surprises, but it will be good to hear the official statements about Java EE 7, JavaFX, and maybe something about Java on mobile or embedded devices.

Listening to industry leaders and core developers is always very inspiring. Apart from listening, I will be talking as well. I will be speaking at the Glassfish Community Event, and I have 2 presentations on JavaFX.

But I will also try to talk to other developers, specleads, partners, users,... to stakeholders of the Java Community in general. As I mentioned many times already, the power of the Java Platform is partly in the Java Community. As Java developers, we have a number of opportunities to let our voices be heard.
Do you have ideas, suggestions, complaints,... about anything related to the Java Platform? Try to raise them at JavaOne. I will definitely try to do that. In particular, I got a number of ideas for Glassfish and JavaFX and I will bug the product owners and developers about them.

written on 29 Sep 2011 10:56.

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