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JavaFX on the web is cool, but one of the key differentiators of JavaFX is the multi-device capabilities. At LodgON, we created both a web and a mobile version of a JavaFX client that renders OpenStreetMap tiles, combined with data in our travel-community.

The promise of Java, “Write Once, Run Anywhere” should be even more valid for JavaFX. This is a hard job, and at this moment, the JavaFX mobile applications do not run on real embedded devices, as far as I know. Something tells me that this will change within one week, though.
LodgON has a number of projects where location-based information is involved. If you check our travel-community at , you can see that there is a lot of data available that is already geo-tagged.

For the JavaFX Coding Contest, we created a JavaFX mobile client that renders map tiles coming from the OpenStreetMap project (see, and combines them with the geo-tagged pictures in the travel community.

Unfortunately, we ran into issue MOBL-272, described in the JavaFX SDK release notes at : Image on Mobile Emulator has object retention problem causing Out of Memory Errors
If you zoom in/out too often, or if the area under consideration has lots of pictures, the emulator goes Out of Memory. I am confident that this bug will be fixed in a new release, though. We will put the example online soon, give us some time to clean it up first ;)

written on 29 May 2009 17:30.

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