JavaFX Android, Early Access builds

I have uploaded a new Early Access build for JavaFX 8u40 on Android to bitbucket. You can download it here. There are a number of new features in this build that open up new possibilities.

Some of the most important features of 8u40 for dalvik are:

  • created from the OpenJFX 8u40 source code
  • basic support for JavaFX 3D
  • basic support for DatePicker control
  • basic support for Android Fragments
  • integration with the Gradle Android plugin and build system

We also added a separate repository for samples, which is available at Since those samples use the new Gradle Android plugin, you can build and deploy them using a single gradle command.

We will provide more information about these features once we are at a stable release. Please be aware that this is an early access release, and it may contain instabilities. There is a lot of new stuff going into this build, and we are now working very hard on samples, bugfixes and documentation.
If you have time to download and test this release, please do so. Make sure to try the samples from the sample repository. All issues can be reported to

written on 07 Dec 2014 14:09.


Author: Julian
Date: 08 Dec 2014 08:36

Hi, nice too see some progress here! Thanks. How is it with Android 5.0 VM - ART are there compatibility Issues?

Author: Johan Vos
Date: 16 Dec 2014 10:14

Hi, There are no problems with using ART, you can perfectly run your JavaFX applications on Lollipop. However, ART is stricter in bytecode verification, so malicious code that worked on Dalvik might not work on ART, but that's a good thing I believe ;)

Author: Rishabh Gupta
Date: 11 Sep 2017 13:59

@Johan Vas Can u explain what does this means "Note that it is really convenient to set the ANDROID_HOME property in the .gradle/ file in your user home directory. It should point to an Android SDK folder on your file system." in Gluon Plugin website under Netbeans section

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