It’s time to make a decision

This blog-entry is cross-posted to the Devoxx website, as I am the track-lead for this year's server-side track.

For the Java Enterprise world, 2014 is the year in-between. The Java EE 7 spec has been launched last year, and the Java EE 8 spec won’t be released this year. At Devoxx, we’ll be looking back and forward. For some companies, it is time to decide when and how to migrate to Java EE 7. For the Java Community Process, it is time to decide what should go in Java EE 8.

While the Call for Papers is open, you are very welcome to submit your proposal on a session, BOF, TIA, Quicky. The Devoxx audience will be very interested to hear your opinion on a number of areas:

  • How does Java EE 7 work in practice?
  • What is the status of Java EE 8? Which JSRs will be addressed?
  • What other server-side frameworks or components are improving (e.g. Spring) and why should the server-side developer bother about this?


Now that the first implementations of Java EE 7 are available, we would like to hear how it really works. Are there stories that show real-world numbers about productivity or performance gains, about integration with other technologies (e.g. HTML 5)? Submit them. We are not really looking into general overviews of Java EE 7 technologies, as those are already covered. But there might be a specific technology that really made a huge difference for you, and that you want to share with other developers.

Work on the Java EE 8 specifications has started, so the time is now to influence the specification. Do you have interesting ideas about something that is missing in the current Enterprise Specification? Or do you think a particular JSR is missing something important? Are there other, non Java EE technologies that are becoming more and more relevant? As you know, Devoxx attendees don’t want to hear ideas only, they want to see solutions and code. It doesn’t have to be Java EE 8 related, as long as you think there is a new technology that makes the life of the server-side developer easier or more interesting, submit a proposal.

We already received a large number of interesting proposals. The program committee will have a very difficult job but you are very welcome to make it even harder.

written on 23 Jun 2014 09:53.

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