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Sun 29 December 2013

DataFX 2.0 is released

Yesterday, we launched DataFX 2.0. One month after releasing a developer preview, we feel it is time to promote the current code as a public release. We feel confident that with DataFX, JavaFX developers can easily connect their applications to back-end systems, and make sure data is visualized in a responsive, thread-safe way.

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Thu 26 December 2013

Committed to Open Source

When Oracle announced it would no longer offer commercial support for future versions of GlassFish, many people started to blame Oracle. More important than this particular example, I think it is about time that the software industry starts to re-think about how to work with Open Source developers and Open Source technologies.

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Committed to Java EE and GlassFish

It's been a roller-coast year for the Java Enterprise world. The Java EE 7 specifications have been released, and work has started on the Java EE 8 specifications. While 2 of the major Open Source implementations of the Java Enterprise specifications are surging (Apache TomEE and WildFly), the Reference Implementation of Java EE (GlassFish) got in the news because Oracle will not offer commercial support for the current version and next versions. However, my faith in GlassFish remains.

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