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Fri 29 October 2010

DaliCore, user-generated content on top of Java EE.

Most of the projects we have been doing at LodgON over the past few years have "something" to do with users and content. From a technical point, these projects typically require persistent storage, scalability, transaction support and other technologies that are offered by Java Enterprise Application Servers. Apart from these standard technologies, there are a number of common functions that we encountered in many projects, and that also require the basic technologies offered by the Java EE specification. At LodgON, we created the DaliCore code that is built on top of the Java Enterprise specification and that adds functionality commonly encountered in projects related to end-users and (their) data.

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Fri 8 October 2010

My opinion about JavaFX 2.0

It's been a few weeks since Oracle announced the plans with JavaFX. The JavaFX 2010-2011 roadmap is described at the JavaFX website. As I expected, there were many discussions and opinions in the blogosphere after the announcement. I took some time to read opinions, and to make my own impact estimations.

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