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Thu 27 August 2009

Data accuracy, a killer app?

I am one of the 992.653 (and counting) followers of Tim O'Reilly's twitter. O'Reilly tweets very often about "cool stuff". That makes it hard for me to distinguish the real cool stuff from the "nice tries". But one tweet about "the killer app for Apps for America" took my attention. It is about data integrity for government data.

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Thu 13 August 2009

Development and source code

A quick one. Some people think that I use the latest version of software just for fun. Not. Well, it is fun of course, but it speeds up my development considerably. Read on for an example.

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Wed 12 August 2009

Is it a Module or a Bundle? Both, in GlassFish v3

With GlassFish v3, developers can deploy their software as traditional modules (jars and wars), but also as OSGi Bundles. Even more: one jar can be a Web Archive and an OSGi Bundle at the same time. It reminds me of the question whether light is a particle or a wave phenomena. It is both, depending on how you look at it.

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