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Fri 29 May 2009

JavaFX Mobile example

JavaFX on the web is cool, but one of the key differentiators of JavaFX is the multi-device capabilities. At LodgON, we created both a web and a mobile version of a JavaFX client that renders OpenStreetMap tiles, combined with data in our travel-community.

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JavaFX client for CollectValue

CollectValue, the social networking site for collectors, recently got some press coverage. LodgON has build the back-end system for this, and as a showcase, we are creating a JavaFX Client for the frontend.

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Thu 28 May 2009

Java Performance: there is always a next bottleneck

At LodgON, we created an application for the upcoming regional and European elections.
The customer, VTM, is one of the two major broadcast companies in Belgium, and a high volume of users was expected on the day of launch. Therefore, performance was one of the key requirements.
The article below is not a Bible, but it describes how we managed to overcome the performance issues. It might help others in solving their Java Enterprise applications performance issues as well.

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Wed 20 May 2009

JavaOne fever

Yes, it's that time of the year again. In 2 weeks from now, JavaOne 2009 will be halfway. I expect it is going to be one of the most interesting JavaOne conferences ever.

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Mon 18 May 2009

Launching SyncSphere

Recently, we opened a beta-version of our SyncSphere community software. SyncSphere is built on top of DaliCommunity, which is built on top of DaliCMS. With SyncSphere, users can create their own community in a few steps.

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Mon 4 May 2009

The future of GlassFish

In my previous entry, I discussed some reasons why JavaFX has a future, even within Oracle. I don't intend to discuss every single Sun technology, but the future of GlassFish is also important to me as a developer.

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