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Mon 29 September 2008

OpenSocial, Shindig and Dali

I blogged about OpenSocial about a month ago. Meanwhile, we started the integration of the Shindig reference implementation with DaliCMS.

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Tue 23 September 2008

Communication between websites

The number of dynamic websites is exploding. But also, the definition of "dynamic" is exploding. We are not talking about updating content, but rather about integrating content and services from different sources.

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Thu 18 September 2008

Integrating with Adobe Acrobat Connect

Recently, I got a trial account for Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro. Although I am impressed by the functionality of this product itself, I am mainly interested in how to connect with Adobe Connect, and how to integrate it with existing Java applications. It is rather easy to do so!

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Mon 8 September 2008


Last week, Poppunt launched the music community in Belgium. The project is created using LodgON's Dali software, running on top of GlassFish.

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