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Fri 22 August 2008

OpenSocial evolutions

At this moment, I am working on three projects that somehow are related to OpenSocial. This is not a coincidence.

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Mon 18 August 2008

GlassFish Roadmaps

The roadmaps for GlassFish v2.1 and v3 are available online. One of the consequences of Sun Microsystems making their application server an Open Source effort, is that we can see and learn from their release policies.

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Fri 1 August 2008

Using Knopflerfish Desktop in GlassFish v3

In a previous blog entry, I wrote about running GlassFish v3 on the KnopflerFish OSGi Framework. I spent some more time on this, in particular I managed to use the KnopflerFish Desktop bundle to inspect the GlassFish Bundles and Services.

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