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Thu 31 July 2008

OSGi Modularity in DaliCMS and GlassFish

If you are following my blog, you probably know that I am recently investigating the modularity of GlassFish v3 and see how it is using the OSGi technology. The main reason for this is that I see some similarities with DaliCMS, the open source "Web 2.0 ready Content Management" system we developed with LodgON and that runs on top of GlassFish.

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Mon 28 July 2008

GlassFish v3 on OSGi KnopflerFish

In my previous blog entry , I wrote about my very first experiences with the GlassFish v3 SVN repository. In the meantime, I did some more experiments with the OSGi KnopflerFish framework.

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Sat 26 July 2008

Playing with GlassFish v3

Although I did some testing with GlassFishv3TP2 in the past, it is only since yesterday that I am really diving deep into the GlassFish v3 code. Read more about my observations.

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Mon 14 July 2008

development, deployment and GlassFish v3

Tonight, I was experimenting with GlassFish v3. I might add a report with some results later. Today, I ran into a document that contains one of the most important remarks about today's software development.

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