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Fri 28 March 2008

Calling WebServices with NetBeans: How Simple Can It Be?

I created a NetBeans project that calls an operation on a remote webservice in about 1 minute. Cool tool!

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Sun 23 March 2008

Debugging Persistence in Glassfish

At this moment, my favorite debug action is to set the loglevel for Persistence in Glassfish to "FINE".

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Fri 14 March 2008

EJB Components inside war

I noticed that one of the new features of EJB 3.1 could be the option to package EJB components inside a war. I would love that!

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Thu 6 March 2008

Getting used to inheritance in JPA

One of the major benefits of the EJB 3.0 specification is, in my opinion, the fact that inheritance is supported in the persistence layer.

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