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Sat 10 May 2008

Testing web projects with Selenium

At the very last session at JavaOne 2008, I learned about a very cool tool for testing Web Applications and browser behavior from within Java: Selenium.

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MSA at JavaOne

Yesterday, I attended a number of sessions on MSA (Mobile Services Architecture). I didn't hear big announcements, I didn't see real flashy demo's, but the important message is that devices with MSA are shipping right now.

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Wed 7 May 2008

How to organize developer communities

This morning, I attended two sessions about do's and dont's in Open Source development. Find out why.

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Bringing designers and developers together with JavaFX

During one of yesterday's JavaOne keynote sessions, I saw something that I was hoping for for a long time now: a project that allows designers and JavaFX developers to work on the same project, with their own set of tools.

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Tue 6 May 2008

CommunityOne impressions

Today is the first official day of JavaOne. Yesterday, the conference was officially called CommunityOne. Read here about my impressions on CommunityOne.

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Mon 5 May 2008

First day at JavaOne

Every year, I have the intention to take a break before JavaOne. But every year, JavaOne is there sooner than I expected it. It started today, with an unconference.

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Thu 17 April 2008

What are the popular JavaOne Sessions?

Currently, mainly the Enterprise-sessions (WebServices, ESB) are attracting high number of developers to a JavaOne session. What is my opinion on this?

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Tue 15 April 2008

Project Wonderland: is there a life for Java 3D?

I learned about Project Wonderland last year at JavaOne. Although at that moment, my laptop was too slow to do something useful with it, I think it might be a raising star in the next coming months.

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Mon 7 April 2008

Creating WebServices based on Session Beans (with NetBeans)

Perhaps the most easy way for a Java EE developer to create a webservice is to base the WebService on a Session Bean. In this entry, I describe my experience in a little more detail.

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Fri 28 March 2008

Calling WebServices with NetBeans: How Simple Can It Be?

I created a NetBeans project that calls an operation on a remote webservice in about 1 minute. Cool tool!

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