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Mon 28 July 2008

GlassFish v3 on OSGi KnopflerFish

In my previous blog entry , I wrote about my very first experiences with the GlassFish v3 SVN repository. In the meantime, I did some more experiments with the OSGi KnopflerFish framework.

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Sat 26 July 2008

Playing with GlassFish v3

Although I did some testing with GlassFishv3TP2 in the past, it is only since yesterday that I am really diving deep into the GlassFish v3 code. Read more about my observations.

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Mon 14 July 2008

development, deployment and GlassFish v3

Tonight, I was experimenting with GlassFish v3. I might add a report with some results later. Today, I ran into a document that contains one of the most important remarks about today's software development.

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Mon 30 June 2008

Over-design and dependencies

I've read some discussions lately about over-design. I think it started with a rather funny post by Adam Bien, and it is currently a hot topic at JavaLobby.

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Wed 18 June 2008

Inside or outside the browser? I don't care.

Recently, I have been following some discussions about the browser being the center of the Internet experience or not. Are we going to see more functionality available in browsers, or are we moving to a world where more stand-alone applications are running outside the browsers? To be honest, I don't care.

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Tue 3 June 2008

Why Java? Because it's everywhere.

As a Java developer, this discussion sounds familiar to you. Every now and then, you have to answer this question from customers, your marketing people, fellow developers,... . My personal answer on this question is shifting a bit from the "Enterprise advantages" to the "Mobile opportunities". I see the same shift in other pieces of software, including GlassFish v3.

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Fri 23 May 2008

JavaScript support in NetBeans 6.1

NetBeans 6.1 contains a number of features that are very promising. More specifically, the JavaScript support has improved dramatically.

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Sat 17 May 2008

GlassFish v3 and OSGi

One of the major (technical) announcements shortly before JavaOne was the decision to use OSGi inside GlassFish v3. Read some of my thoughts about this move.

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Tue 13 May 2008

A JavaOne session with lots of wisdom

On my way back home, I am thinking about which JavaOne sessions I really learned from. There were a couple of interesting things about OpenSocial and Shindig, and of course I attended a number of interesting GlassFish sessions. But the session that gave in my opinion the best information to developers was Adam Bien's session on the Java SE and Java EE platform.

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Sun 11 May 2008

Performance in Remote EJB's

In a number of projects, we have to use @Remote EJB's. There are pros and cons for using @Remote EJB's, but in some cases the pros outweigh the cons.

At least in GlassFish, you can boost the performance of remote EJB's relatively easily.

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