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Wed 12 August 2009

Is it a Module or a Bundle? Both, in GlassFish v3

With GlassFish v3, developers can deploy their software as traditional modules (jars and wars), but also as OSGi Bundles. Even more: one jar can be a Web Archive and an OSGi Bundle at the same time. It reminds me of the question whether light is a particle or a wave phenomena. It is both, depending on how you look at it.

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Fri 24 July 2009

Cool Stuff I Would Like To Work On If I Ever Have Time

I have been very busy during the last couple of weeks. I am working on some real cool customer projects. I can't help thinking about innovation while doing customer work, though, and I came up with the idea of making a top 10 list of "Cool Stuff I Would Like To Work On If I Ever Have Time."

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Mon 29 June 2009

JavaFX 1.2 asynchronous chat client

A couple of months ago, I wrote a JavaFX chat client using JavaFX 1.1 --- see my previous blog entry. The article below describes the changes that are needed to port this chat client to JavaFX 1.2.

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Fri 26 June 2009

Glassfish, REST and Jersey

Last week, I was working on a semi-commercial project where we are using Jersey. I didn't find too much documentation, but Jersey is open-source and the samples are pretty self-explaining.

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Sun 7 June 2009

The Future of JavaOne

JavaOne 2009 is over. Many people have mixed feelings about this edition. There was excitement about what has been achieved with Java over the last year, and there was uncertainty about the future of Java.

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Wed 3 June 2009

JavaOne keynote: Oracle embraces JavaFX

During yesterday's JavaOne keynote, Oracle CEO Larry Elisson made an expected guest appearance. Less expected was the fact that he showed a clear commitment towards JavaFX.

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Tue 2 June 2009


I knew about JSR 311 (JAX-RS), the "REST" JSR, but what I didn't know until today was  that it can make my life a lot easier

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Mon 1 June 2009

Glassfish unconference

Yesterday, I attended the second Glassfish Unconference. Similar to last year, this unconference precedes CommunityOne which precedes JavaOne.

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Blogging at JavaOne

During JavaOne (and CommunityOne), I will be writing more but shorter blog entries. Also, I am twittering at .

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Fri 29 May 2009

JavaFX Mobile example

JavaFX on the web is cool, but one of the key differentiators of JavaFX is the multi-device capabilities. At LodgON, we created both a web and a mobile version of a JavaFX client that renders OpenStreetMap tiles, combined with data in our travel-community.

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