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Sun 7 February 2010

Using Glassfish Embedded in offline mode

I have been using Glassfish Embedded (or is it Embedded Glassfish) in a customer project recently. At first, I just considered it as a customer project, but now that I think about it, the concept of Glassfish Embedded opens lots of possibilities.

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Fri 22 January 2010

JavaFX chat application for focus groups

Over the last months, we have worked on an application that allows companies and organizations to chat with a dedicated focus group in a controlled environment. We already have some users for this, e.g. a marketing company that wants to get the first impressions from users on a new campaign. The chat client is written in JavaFX and the backend runs on Glassfish v3 with Comet support enabled.

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Thu 10 December 2009

GlassFish v3 release

A few minutes ago, GlassFish v3 was released. When I first talked about GlassFish v3 in this blog entry, I considered it a revolution rather than an evolution. Today, I still believe GlassFish v3 is more than just the numerical successor to GlassFish v2.

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Tue 24 November 2009

JavaFX and OSGi, part 2

In my previous blog entry, I described a method to execute an OSGi framework in a JavaFX runtime. In this entry, I show how you can write OSGi Bundles containing JavaFX code, and how they can be installed into the OSGi platform running in the JavaFX runtime.

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Mon 5 October 2009

JavaFX and OSGi, part 1

Integrating new technologies is something that I like. The combination of JavaFX RIA technology and the OSGi platform was on my wish-list for some time. The title of this entry contains "part 1" since I assume this is an ongoing effort.

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Sat 26 September 2009

JavaFX location example with GPS

One of the cool things about the JavaFX Mobile platform running on my HTC Diamond phone, is the easy integration with GPS. In this article, I will describe the most simple example I could come up with.

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Fri 25 September 2009

Social Networking in Telematics

I'm on my way back from the ITS 2009 world conference in Stockholm --- see the website of the World Contress and Exhibition on Intelligent Transport Systems and Services for more information about this conference. We were showcasing an application that combines social networking with vehicle telematics. The past few days were really exhausting, but it definitely was worth it.

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Mon 14 September 2009

JavaFX chat client with Comet server

I have written a few entries about a JavaFX chat client and about a Comet Chat engine. Now, I have put together the simplest examples I could come up with.

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Thu 27 August 2009

Data accuracy, a killer app?

I am one of the 992.653 (and counting) followers of Tim O'Reilly's twitter. O'Reilly tweets very often about "cool stuff". That makes it hard for me to distinguish the real cool stuff from the "nice tries". But one tweet about "the killer app for Apps for America" took my attention. It is about data integrity for government data.

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Thu 13 August 2009

Development and source code

A quick one. Some people think that I use the latest version of software just for fun. Not. Well, it is fun of course, but it speeds up my development considerably. Read on for an example.

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