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Sun 2 December 2012

DataFX 1.0 released

Last week, we released DataFX 1.0. With DataFX, JavaFX developers can easily integrate internal and external data available in a variety of sources and protocol into JavaFX UI Controls.

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Thu 18 October 2012

Social Software as a Service

Over the past years, we at LodgON have worked on DaliCore, adding the concepts of User, Content, Group and Permission on top of the Java EE standard. Early this year, we open-sourced DaliCore and the project is since maintained at We are now providing hosted access to DaliCore, using DaliCloud, which we recently opened in private beta.

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Sun 11 March 2012

JavaFX 2 Chat application with RedFX 2

One of my favorite subjects is real-time communication. A chat component is one of the most basic forms of real-time communication. In the past, I've blogged about how to create a JavaFX 1.3 based chat application using a Comet Server. Meanwhile, we updated the internal Chat Application we are using at LodgON and it is now using JavaFX 2 and RedFX 2.

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Mon 30 January 2012

DaliCore on

After years of development, refactoring, brainstorms, projects, fun, more refactoring,... we open-sourced the DaliCore code. DaliCore creates the core for the social networking applications that we developed with LodgON over the past years. Some code and documentation is now available on and we will be adding more code and documentation gradually.

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Mon 14 November 2011

Visualizing REST XML Data in JavaFX controls

I'm currently working on a number of projects that use JavaFX. One of the characteristics all those projects share, is the requirement to be able to communicate with an enterprise backend. That justifies the work I spend on RedFX and DataFX, two JavaFX libraries that deal with retrieving, rendering and synchronizing data.

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Thu 29 September 2011

JavaOne 2011, shaping the future

Tomorrow morning, I will be leaving for San Francisco. I didn't miss a single JavaOne since 1999, but it never gets boring. I'm always very excited when I arrive at the conference venue. This year, my personal focus is on participation. Learning new things is very interesting, but the Java Community allows for more: as a community, we have a stake in shaping the future of the Java Platform.

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Fri 5 August 2011

A REST interface for Mollom

One of the projects I'm working on, Mollom, is a great example of a Software As A Service (SAAS) project. The core functionality of Mollom, checking whether content is spam or not, is applicable in a number of areas, and can be accessed by a number of clients. That number of clients will likely increase in the future, as we added a REST interface to the Mollom API.

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Wed 4 May 2011

Social networking for organizations

Ever since the beginning of LodgON, we have a focus on creating communities for customers. Over the last year, I see an increasing interest from companies and organizations that have a clear understanding about what they want, and how a community can benefit them.

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Mon 28 February 2011

Glassfish 3.1 ready to secure critical enterprise applications

Today, GlassFish 3.1 is released. The major improvements over the 3.0.1 release are support for clustering and availability and centralized administration. This makes the GlassFish Application Server a production-ready piece of middleware that fits perfectly in an end-to-end commercial offering.

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Mon 24 January 2011

Fighting spam with Mollom on Glassfish

One of my main projects for the past six months has been the conversion of the Mollom spam fighting service from an isolated Java project into a Java Enterprise project. Recently, as part of this conversion, we've migrated the Mollom Backend to the Glassfish 3.0.1 Application Server. This is, however, only the beginning....

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