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Sun 23 March 2008

Debugging Persistence in Glassfish

At this moment, my favorite debug action is to set the loglevel for Persistence in Glassfish to "FINE".

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Fri 14 March 2008

EJB Components inside war

I noticed that one of the new features of EJB 3.1 could be the option to package EJB components inside a war. I would love that!

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Thu 6 March 2008

Getting used to inheritance in JPA

One of the major benefits of the EJB 3.0 specification is, in my opinion, the fact that inheritance is supported in the persistence layer.

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Fri 29 February 2008

Leap year issues in apache commons-net

I never encountered any real Y2K bugs in code I was involved in. Today, however, I ran into a nasty problem caused by date parsing in the apache commons-net library.

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Wed 27 February 2008

Still using NetBeans

I am not a big user of IDE's. In the past, I hardly ever used an IDE for more than 1 week. With NetBeans 6, I broke my record.

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Mon 25 February 2008

Online privacy

The dicussion about online identity and privacy is gaining more attention. I think this is a good thing, but we should find a safe area between an Internet where no user-generated contributions are possible and an Internet where privacy is non-existing.

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Tue 19 February 2008

Heading for JavaFX

Finally, I am starting to do something more than just experimenting with JavaFX. The JavaFX technology is becoming more mature, and I plan to use it in commercial projects rather soon now.

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Thu 14 February 2008

Popfolio site launched.

Together with the folks at Poppunt, we have created an artistic dating website using DaliCMS.

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Mon 11 February 2008

The OpenID breakthrough

OpenID has been around for some years, gaining more and more support from users and companies. Last week, the OpenID foundation made an important announcement: Google, IBM, Microsoft, Verisign and Yahoo are joining the OpenID board.

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Sun 10 February 2008

finding bugs in software

Web-baed projects are often hard to debug automatically. Despite all efforts done in the area of automated testing, human testing is still very much needed in this area.

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