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Fri 17 March 2017

Cloud systems are becoming more attractive to developers

The IT industry is known for using terminologies that are hyped. In some cases, it appears that renaming an old approach with a catchier name leads to an increased usage of that old approach. In reality however, more things have changed than just the name. "The cloud" has become increasingly popular as a term, although many developers have been using some sort of remote, scalable, hosted service for decades. But the cloud environments that are being built today, are really game-changers.

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Fri 27 January 2017

Happy New Year, Java

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Mon 3 August 2015

Bundling our JavaFX Activities into Gluon

LodgON transfers its JavaFX activities into Gluon. The JavaFXPorts website is now hosted by Gluon as well.

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Wed 20 May 2015

Java in 20 words

Java turns 20 this week. Java is more than a programming language or a platform. It is a large part of the life of many developers. In this blog post, I try to summarize what Java means to me in 20 words.

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Thu 5 February 2015

LodgON and RoboVM delivering JavaFX on Mobile

Earlier this week, a partnership between RoboVM and LodgON was announced in which LodgON assists RoboVM with porting JavaFX to iOS client development, leveraging the RoboVM compiler. You can read more about the partnership in the press release and in this article on

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Sun 7 December 2014

JavaFX Android, Early Access builds

I have uploaded a new Early Access build for JavaFX 8u40 on Android to bitbucket. You can download it here. There are a number of new features in this build that open up new possibilities.

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Mon 29 September 2014

JavaFXPorts winner of Duke's Choice Award

Yesterday, it was announced that LodgON receives a Duke's Choice Award for its work on
JavaFX Ports ( and more specifically for the port
of JavaFX to Android.

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Thu 4 September 2014

Mobile JavaFX Enterprise at JavaOne

I am glad the two session proposals I submitted for JavaOne are both accepted. I will be talking about DataFX and about JavaFX on Android. In this blog post, I try to explain why I focus on exactly these two topics.

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Wed 6 August 2014

Pro JavaFX 8

Last week, Pro JavaFX 8 became available as a printed book and as an e-book. Being the lead author of this edition, I'm very excited.

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Thu 31 July 2014

JavaFX Ports and Duke's Choice Awards

JavaFX Ports, the initiative for supporting JavaFX on mobile, has been nominated for the Duke's Choice Community Award.

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